11 Link Building Tactics You Should Know

Link building is one of the most important aspects of an effective SEO. It is very necessary to increase the ranking as well as the visibility of your website on the search engine results page. Furthermore, every website needs to optimize its content for search engines. Therefore, the most basic and traditional way of increasing traffic is by link building.

Many strategies can be used to make better links that would help in building a link that follows the ever-changing rules and regulations. One of the most successful strategies for getting a better rank on search engine results is to build links on your website. Therefore, let us look at some of link building tactics you should use.

1. Link Building through Internal Links

Internal links are links embedded in the web page that allow easy a user to navigate from one page within the site to another. It is one of the most underrated ways to increasing the effectiveness of your website. You can always embed them with relevant phrases and keywords that can be used to attract an audience. It also helps in improving the bounce rate of the website.

2. “2021” Jacking

Users generally look for websites that are updated and will provide the latest information. Therefore, an effective tactic is by using the current year frame in the website. A user is bound to click on the updated link rather than going for an older link. For example, you are searching for SEO ranking factors, and you see a list of links available on the search page. However, one link says SEO ranking factors 2021; you will automatically click on the link with the heading factor.

3. Business Citations of the local business

If you run a business limited to local markets, then one of the most effective techniques for back-linking is considered link building. It allows you to attract additional traffic to your website and improves your website’s brand name. However, it is very important to keep the citations updated so that customers can easily find your business. In addition, you can use the link from citation websites to increase your credibility.

The best citations are keywords that are location-based or product-specific. They allow the user to find businesses near their location. The more updated and specific the citations are, the better it will be for the customer to find your business.

4. Link Building from Trusted Sites

One of the most effective ways of getting a higher rank in search engine results is to create links with trusted websites. Several websites are spam; therefore, linking your websites to the trusted site will increase their authenticity. It also helps in improving the rank of your website over the search engine results page. It is also important to link websites with relevant sites, which increases credibility. Search engines tend to disregard websites that provide irrelevant links. Therefore, always create relevant links are from trusted websites.

5. Link Building from Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a website that creates content that can be used on a different website. For example, you can select a topic and then create the content of your liking. You can then post it on different social media platforms. Many other content creation websites can be used to create content that is optimized for search engines.

6. List.ly

One of the link buildings tools that create structured content is List.ly. With this tool, you can easily build links in the website and arrange them in a structured way. A user loves to see content that is arranged neatly and provides authentic navigations to different sections. Furthermore, it allows you to connect different social media platforms to your website and allow easy access. In addition, you can choose to write headings that will lead your audiences to links that will be trusted. This will increase your website’s visibility.

7. Link Building through Infographics

An attractive tactic to catch the eyes of the audience is to create infographics. With these infographics, you can create promotional links that will help you increase your reach. While creating an infographic, you must keep it very simple and relevant to the content of your website. It allows you to impress the audience with your content. You can use keywords and headings that will attract the audience. You can also use graphics and charts to enhance the look of your data.

8. Social Media

Building links for social media sites can help bookmark sites so that users can conveniently edit, share, curate content, and then add it to different social media platforms. It allows the creation of high-quality backlinks that increase the flow of traffic over your websites. For actively creating links to social media sites, you must have been an active user of the social media platform. You must be ready to contribute to the community actively. This will create the authenticity of your website, and you will be able to attract better traffic to your web page.

9. Link Building Using Medium.com

It is an online platform that allows a user to publish their content so that the general audience can read it. This allows you to embed links in your website for Medium, which can later be attached to different sites. You can also repost the published content on Medium on different platforms so that it reaches a better audience. You can also build links that are interconnected to Medium. This will allow your audience exposed to high-quality and detailed content.

10. Question-based websites

An easy way to attract traffic to your website is to increase the authority of your website. Additionally, this allows you to create awareness for the brand. Link building with question-based websites allows the user to understand the pros and cons of different platforms easily. Several users are looking for answers for which they use long phrases on the search engines. If your site is built with a link that answers their question, they will be attracted to your website and try to find an answer. This will be very beneficial for your website.

11. Blog Commenting

Commenting on a particular link is one of the tactics of building better links into your website is using blog links. It allows you to create better backlinks for your website. It allows a better flow of traffic to your website. It also allows you to improve upon branding and credibility.


After you have optimized your content for search engines so that they bring an audience to your website. You can use links that will increase the engagement of audiences on your website. This will improve the bounce rate of your website, and in turn which helps your website to rank higher on the search engine results page.