Cannabis SEO: 10 Tips to Get Ranked On Google

It is important to understand that even if you have a beautifully designed website if you do not have a well-optimized website, your website won’t get enough visits. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one such process that enhances website traffic. Google and other search engines are quite objective when it comes to keywords, alt tags, etc. Here are some of the tips for Cannabis SEO that you need to follow if you want to get a better ranking on Google.

Use page titles for Cannabis SEO

Title tags are one of the most essential parts of Cannabis SEO practice. Various search engines highly use it to display pages on the search results and on the top of the browsers. Page titles are quite useful since they direct the search spiders and the users to what your page is all about. 

Apart from that, you will be able to find out which purpose you and the things you need to buy or search for on the website. Moreover, Google only displays about 50-60 characters when it comes to the title tags. 

Hence, it is vital to make the descriptions quite short and catchy. As a result, it will force the visitors to check out the website. Besides, you must not forget about using the keywords in the title, especially in the front.

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Opt for keywords for Cannabis SEO

Keywords placement is yet another one of the tips that you need to keep in mind for ranking your website on Google. It is considered one of the essential Cannabis SEO tactics. Using the keywords, people search on the search engines. 

It is a quite useful method since the keywords that people mostly use are the ones that you need to use on your website. However, you have to be careful about keyword stuffing or using something that no one uses. 

This will never help you get proper ranking and might even lead to your website getting flagged as spam. Besides, the search engine spiders are designed in such a way so that it ignores keyword stuffing.

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Alt tags are useful

Every image or video that you put up on your website has descriptive words along with its imprint. These are commonly known as alternative text descriptions that help the search engines like Google locate the pages that are using keywords present in your images or the video descriptions. 

As a result, it will automatically improve the page ranking capabilities of your website. As a result, your visitors will automatically focus on your website due to the presence of the proper information and won’t shift to other websites.

Never use flash

Many small businesses still opt for Flash to run their website since it is easy to use and cheap. Besides, you won’t have to think much about launching it due to the easy user interface. 

However, after the SEO came into practice, Google automatically started prioritizing it over Flash-activated websites. As a result, Google now ranks the websites lowest, especially the ones that are Flash activated. 

Hence, it is always a good idea to opt for alternative platforms so that your ranking improves. For example, you can opt for WordPress-activated websites instead of Flash, instantly enhancing website ranking.   

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Improve URL structure

URL is one of the essential things that websites use since it helps the search engines as it helps in finding out the page ranking. Therefore, it is essential for you to improve the URL structure. 

For this, all you have to do is keep the website URLs short and simple. Also, you must not forget about keeping them relevant to the theme of your website. Make sure that the keywords are matching with the website URL as well. 

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Enhance your mobile site

If you are not aware of the fact, almost 40% of the organic traffic mostly comes from smartphones. This started in 2015 after the demand for smartphones started becoming popular. 

Due to this reason, businesses these days are focusing more on designing mobile-friendly websites. Besides, Google these days rank such websites higher these days. Furthermore, mobile-friendly websites are easy to use. 

Businesses that design mobile-friendly websites provide a better user experience. Finally, mobile-optimized websites get better rankings on the website and are more genuine than the ones that are different.

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Opt for sitemaps

Sitemaps are pages that list as well as create links to various other important pages present on your website. Besides, it even helps the search spiders locate the web pages quickly. With the sitemaps, you will get the exact results, which are relevant to your searches. 

As a result, with the website sitemaps, it becomes easy for the spiders. So even you won’t have to worry about getting more clicks.

Sitemap Template | MURAL

You must regularly update the content.

This is something of grave importance if you are someone who is eager to build your own business website. Content is key, and if you want to get more traffic to your website, then you will have to work on updating your content. 

Moreover, it is considered an absolute must. Content updating is viewed as one of the important indicators when it comes to site relevancy. Hence, it is your responsibility to update the blogs, articles, and other necessary things on your website if you want to make it appealing. You can hire a content writing agency for getting the best blogs on your website.

The importance of updating content

Keep checking your progress.

As you are investing a lot in SEO, you must check the results you are getting out of it. Therefore, you have to keep track of search standings, and for this, you have to keep a check on the page rankings. 

You will come across thousands of toolbars, and Google is one of them. You must also check the referrer log since it shows how the visitors are coming to your website. Hence, you have to keep checking the progress if you want to rank your website on Google.

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Use natural links

It is the key ranking factor when it comes to websites in the Google algorithm. Organic inbound links are quite useful for your site. Depending on the recommendations from the third party, the reliability, as well as the relevance of the website, will increase. Hence, you have to keep checking the links and how they are growing. By hiring a Cannabis link building agency, you can withdraw your responsibilities of building natural links on them.

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Hence, these are some of the essential tips that you have to follow if you want to get a better ranking on Google.

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