What is” People also search for”-A Complete Guide

If you use search engines like Google or Bing frequently, you have probably noticed a new feature called people also search for. This is part of Google’s most recent search engine optimization strategy. Let’s understand its meaning.

People also search for” what does it imply?

The people also search for a feature that assists users in finding a better search result if their initial search intent was not met. It is a search engine feature that appears after someone clicks on a SERP feature and then quickly returns to the result page. This is interpreted as a sign that they were unable to find what they were looking for. 

What is people also search for

As a result, the search engine then recommends new results under which people also search for”.The search engine hopes the user will not simply switch to another browser. Their algorithm works hard to match search intent and please the searcher. This feature, like all universal SERP elements, typically commands a significant amount of space for search results.

People also search for the box that can appear anywhere on the Google search results page, but it is most commonly found at the bottom of the knowledge panel or lower down the page.

What does this tell you about the snippet “people also search for”?Is this the same thing as related searches? They are almost identical. However, there are some distinctions.

Distinctions between related searches and people also searching for

  • The positioning of the two sections is the most noticeable difference.PASF appears directly beneath the search result that you select. Related searches, on the other hand, appear at the bottom of the search page.
  • Because of its position, PASF is more likely to receive clicks than related searches.
  • PASF has fewer keyword suggestions, and some of them aren’t included in related searches.

History of people also search for

The feature’ people also search for is not new. It looked different en years ago when knowledge graphs were introduced. The current version is getting more attention and is more useful than the previous image thumbnails. It has evolved to show topics that are closely related to the original search phrase. Mobile search results usually have more PASF options.

According to market research, more than 80% of mobile SERPs and nearly 60% of desktop SERPs return a “people also search for” display. Those percentages indicate that this is once-in-a a lifetime opportunity.

Why are people also search for” necessary?

If you are wondering why you need to use people also search for, there are a few things you should look into first. Google Analytics allows you to monitor your website visitor’s behavior. You can determine whether the user arrived at your website organically or via a direct link. You may also be able to determine how much time each user spends on your website.

You can see how well your website performs on search engines by analyzing the various statistics. If your website has a high bounce rate, it may indicate that your users are dissatisfied. You may need to assess whether you are providing the information they require.

Customers are frequently due to a lack of comprehensive information. So, you can reduce your website’s bounce rate by including related pages in search results and optimizing them for keywords.

‘People also search for’ ways to rank higher in Google also search for

Here are a few suggestions.

Use “People also search for” for keyword research: People also search for a goldmine for keyword research. This information is derived directly from google search results, so it is highly relevant to your topic. Ranking for these keywords will help you generate more traffic and improve your site’s overall topical authority.

Here are a few examples of how you can use them for keyword research.

  • Look up the keyword you want to rank for and make a list of its people also search for keywords. To find more PASF keywords in a separate tab. If your topic is shallow, there will be repetition in the PASF keywords. However, this method will frequently help you discover new search queries that your ad has not previously considered.
  • Plug these keywords into Ahrefs or another keyword research tool to see if they are worth targeting based on search volume and ranking difficulty. This is a simple method of discovering hidden keywords with a high search volume that you can target in your content.
  • Use people also search for to generate content ideas you are having trouble coming up with content ideas, using PASF keywords can help. Find the PASF keywords for your target topic. Then, search for each PASF keyword in a separate tab and analyze the top-ranking pages to find new and unique content ideas.
  • The most significant benefit of PASF keywords for content idea generation is that they help you increase your site’s topical relevancy by covering your niche from every angle possible. This ultimately increases your site’s authority on your topic, allowing you to rank for more keywords related to your niche.

PASF can be used as FAQs

Including a FAQs section at the end of your articles is a simple and effective way to communicate with your audience while ranking for multiple search terms. People also search for keywords ideal for FAQs because they are topics your audience is already searching for.

  • PASF can help you improve your on-page SEO; Use PASF keywords to optimize your content if you want to improve your site’s on-page SEO strength.

Here are a couple of options:

  • Make a list of all the relevant PASF keywords and incorporate them naturally into your content wherever it makes sense.
  • PASF keywords should be used in H2 And H3 tags.
  • PASF should be used for long-form content; PASF keywords are useful when writing long-form blog posts and articles. A long-form article is typically between 2500-5000 words long. As a result, if you want to write a valuable long-form post, you must cover multiple sections,sub-headings, and topics.
  • You can easily construct a long-form post, find sub-headings, and discover relevant topics to cover in your content by using PASF keywords.


There is no reason why you should use people also search for. Expanding your content to provide more value to your customers while also appearing in SERPs is best. The more organic opportunities you have, the more likely you are to be presented to your target audience, which is beneficial to trust, credibility, and traffic.

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