Reverse Image Search: Everything You Need to Know

Are you searching for an image for a blog post? If yes, you can find amazing pictures that add a lot of information to your blog content. The problem arises when the site that is found by you is not the source, not the link to the sources. If you want to put your information and the source in the right way, you should know who creates the image. Here the role of the reverse image search is that it helps to find the source. This feature is quick, easy, and easily available on most search engines. 

In this article, you will get the complete details on the reverse image search, including the reasons to use it, how to do the reverse image search, and many more related facts to reverse image search. 

Reverse Image Search: An Overview

The term reverse image search is not complex as it sounds. It simply consists of searching the image on the internet with the keywords. You can easily upload your image on any browse, hit the search button, and you will get valuable information, such as  

  • Keywords make it possible to search the results on the images 
  • A list of backlinks is available where the images appear online
  • Size in which the image has appeared on the internet
  • Visually similar images 

Reasons to use the Reverse Image Search.

Reverse image search is fun to do a task when you have some extra time in the day. People do a reverse image search when they want to get a feel of playing like a detective. 

Reverse Image Search: Everything You Need to Know

There are many reasons behind using the reverse image search. Let us glance at the following points to understand why to use the reverse image search. 

  • Learn the image copyright status before using it
  • Determine if  the other people are using the same image or not
  • Find the amazing facts about the images that you like. 
  • Track the violations on the copyrighted images before using it 
  • Find the source of the images that you like to add to the content 

Why the reverse image search does not work sometimes?

Indeed, the reverse image search does not always work. There are some cases when you search for the image but get zero results. When this happens, it means that the site on which the images have appeared prevents the images from being indexed. 

The data centers can slightly go out from the sync. This means that some users easily find the images with the help of the reverse image search, which is impossible.

How to do the Reverse Image Search 

You can easily use the search engine, according to your choice, to perform the reverse image search. Also, you can easily get the tools if you want to use the search image specifically for the reverse image search. 

The good thing is that it does not matter whether you are using a desktop or mobile phone for this task. Then, they do not lead to any changes in the result. 

How to do Reverse Image Search on Google ( desktop )

  • Open google on the browser.

First, you have to access the browser to open the Google images. 

  • Upload your image

If you found the image successfully online and you would like to look up the image, then the option before reverse image search is to save the images on your desktop. 

Then upload the picture by dragging and dropping way to the search area by loading the file from the desktop. 

  • Paste the Image URL

To get the image URL, tap on the mouse with the right click and select open the image in the new tab. 

  • Explore the Results

Once you tap on the search by the images, you can see the uploaded photo at the top section of the page, along with the suggested keywords. 

How to do Reverse Image Search on Google ( On mobile phone )


Reverse Image Search: Everything You Need to Know

  • Open the Google images on the web browser.

The easy way to do the reverse image search on your phone is by downloading the chrome app, but it can also be possible by the browser. In the initial step, you have to open google images in your browser. 

  • Switch to the desktop view

Once you pull the images on your image, then you will notice the images anywhere. You must change the website’s settings to desktop views to get these features. 

In this, you have to tap on the AA icon double time that is present at the top left corner of the search bar. Choose the third option on the drop-down menu that depicts the requested desktop websites. 

  • Upload the image

Tap on the camera icon that is present on the right side of the Google images search bar to find the desired image. Then you will see the two options, past image URL or upload the image. 

You can select any one option according to the image availability and whether the image is uploaded on the camera roll. 

  • Paste the Image URL

If you do not save the image on your phone, click on the past image URL tab. To obtain the URL of the picture, open the image in your browser, hold the image down, and choose the copy. 

After that, paste the URL into the upload tab of the URL. This can be easily done on most phones by clicking on the search box and select on the paste option. 

  • Explore the results 

After you upload the image and paste the URL, you must tap on the search icon. The site will show you the related searches, available images size, and sites that contain the same price. 


It is concluded that the reverse image search is easy, fun, and really useful. There are many reasons consist in this article why you have to do the reverse image search. You can easily search for the reverse image on your chosen browser by following the above ways. 

Now, you have no excuses to deny the mysterious origins, yet the image search will add more information to this article. 

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