Digital Marketing Plan for Cannabis Brands: 10 Steps to Follow

Cannabis company owners and dispensary owners alike recognize that marketing is critical to the success of any business, particularly those in the marijuana industry. As a result, marketing your cannabis company is essential to increasing your brand’s visibility and profit. You’ll learn all you need to know about marketing your cannabis company in this comprehensive article. We’ll let you know a complete strategy to build a successful digital marketing plan for Cannabis brands in 2022.

10 Ways to Build a Digital Marketing Plan for Cannabis Brands

Because of so many regulations, how can you advertise marijuana products? The most important thing to remember is that you must be cautious. Social networking sites might ban you if you don’t obey their guidelines.

Digital Marketing Plan for Cannabis Brands: 10 Steps to Follow

To circumvent these limitations, cannabis businesses will have to be inventive in their marketing efforts. There are several ways you may get in touch with your target audience:

  • Consider Partnering With Marijuana-Friendly Advertising Networks

Marijuana legalization has resulted in a rise in marijuana-friendly ad networks. With specialized advertising platforms, both publishers and advertisers can increase their traffic.

Isn’t social media working for you to sell your marijuana products? Cannabis ad networks are worth a try. These cannabis-specific marketing platforms show advertisements on recreational shops and medicinal marijuana websites.

  • Improve Your SEO tactics

For cannabis promotion, SEO is the best chance. With no limitations, you may increase your web presence. There are, in fact, several companies that specialize in cannabis SEO.

Google My Business is a must if you manage a marijuana dispensary or a business that sells marijuana items. Google will better comprehend what your organization has to offer as a result. You may use keywords in the blog entries and on your web page using this information.

  • Publish Guest Articles

One of the most acceptable ways to promote your marijuana brand in front of your target audience is via guest blogging. You may use this strategy if you want to grow your brand’s visibility and establish customer trust.

Digital Marketing Plan for Cannabis Brands: 10 Steps to Follow

Look for websites and publications that enable you to write about medicinal marijuana and its products. A strong backlink profile, more traffic and leads, and a better ROI may all be achieved by guest blogging on high-traffic specialty websites.

Thanks to the internet, finding reliable websites that accept guest posts about marijuana and related items is easy. You should always check the site’s contributor standards and restrictions before approaching them about guest writing. You can hire a blogger outreach agency to build solid backlinks for your website.

  • Become a Member of an Online Community

Facebook updated its community standards in 2018 to include cannabis businesses. For example, they’ve included a search function to help consumers identify cannabis-related websites.

You may create your group or join an existing one. You may benefit from the possibility of posting valuable links. Rather than merely marketing your products, it would help if you focused on building a community of like-minded people.

To get people involved in these groups, you may set up polls, have AMAs, and publish infographics.

  • Employ Influencers¬†

You can’t ignore the power of influencer marketing to increase the value of your business. However, for your cannabis marketing strategies to be more effective, you must find and work with the right marijuana industry influencers.

Choosing the right cannabis influencer is the most challenging component of promoting your product. You may work with them to grow sales and assure long-term earnings by partnering with them for affiliate marketing of marijuana or cannabis.

  • Make Use of Affiliate Marketing

Without spending a lot of money, you may advertise your cannabis goods via affiliate marketing. The only thing you need to do is put the affiliate program’s information on your site.

On a commission basis, you may begin recruiting new members. Influencers and affiliate networks may also be used to connect to cannabis consumers.

  • Use your Instagram and Pinterest accounts creatively

It would help if you were unique with Instagram and Pinterest advertising since typical social media marketing does not assist much with marijuana marketing.

Digital Marketing Plan for Cannabis Brands: 10 Steps to Follow

Well-planned visual material is highly recommended. Your social media posts should include eye-catching visuals, including infographics, gifs, and videos. 

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem outdated, yet it has been shown to promote a brand and increase sales. In addition, because email marketing is more personal and promotes repeat visits, it is more effective.

To properly reach a large audience, you need many visitor/customer data. You may collect user information by using registration forms on your website. Don’t be scared to add more fields to collect information, like a visitor’s phone number.

You may send a series of emails to customers who haven’t bought from you in a while. The buying cycle and newsletter frequency are critical. Customers will be more interested in your brand if you provide free shipping or discounts.

  • Event Marketing

Marketing cannabis at events may appear to be a lot of labor, but it’s also a lot of fun. Event marketing is a great way to meet brands, suppliers, marijuana entrepreneurs, and, of course, customers in one convenient location.

Engaging in event marketing doesn’t have to be confined to booths. It’s also a good idea to go out there and meet others who share your interests so that you can start a dialogue. But, again, using social media is the best way to get the word out about your event.

  • Advertise on the radio

Cannabis marketing on the radio is yet another alternative. A growing number of media outlets are accepting ads for marijuana products.

Radio stations may be chosen based on their audience demographics. This will help you to target your advertisements better. However, you may also find it challenging to advertise on radio stations due to state legislation and the Federal Communications Commission. If so, consider ads on satellite radio.

As a result, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has little interest in satellite radio since it is not a broadcast medium. Additionally, satellite radio advertising is less expensive.


Marketing is crucial for any cannabis firm, mainly as competition develops. In terms of advertising, there are undoubtedly many successful techniques to sell your company and attract new customers, despite some limits. Cannabis marketing services are available if you need a rapid boost.

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