Planning to Buy Backlinks in 2022? A Must-read Guide

Despite, having quality content on your website is it growing slowly? Don’t worry you are not the only one who is facing this problem. If we are talking about a solution then most of you know it. High-quality content can be provided by Backlinks. But how many backlinks you should buy? How to buy backlinks for your website? 

Whenever you are searching for something on google you will see that highly competitive content may not be first ranked.  Here Backlink is the reason behind it. Now you will know how much is a Backlink worth. Though quality backlinks are hard to find and that makes most website owners helpless. You may require a good source to build the backlinks.

From Google to SEO engines know the power of backlinks. Google executives warn the users not to build any backlinks. Until the penguin update, the warning continues. The search engine can be affected by the number of times google executives warn about backlinks.

Buy Backlinks: An Introduction to Backlinks

Backlinks are links to pages from one website to another. It is also known as incoming links and one-way links. Backlinks are considered votes for Google and other search engines. It is noted that pages with a high number of backlinks get a high ranking on search engines. In a simple way backlinks votes for other websites.

Planning to Buy Backlinks in 2022? A Must-read Guide

Buy Backlinks: What it is?

Before making up your mind to buy backlinks you need to know the process of buying them. And also, you need to understand what a backlink is.  Though, you can buy backlinks online.

Is Buying Backlinks a Good idea or not?

The process of buying backlinks is against the Google Webmaster Guidelines. And it may cause you a google penalty that can decrease your search engine ranking if caught. So, whenever thinking about buying backlinks just remember these problems.

Why should you consider to Buy Backlinks?

Just to look cool like the young kids from recent times you do not need to buy it for this reason. However, there are many reasons to buy quality backlinks.

The reasons behind buying backlinks are:

  • A larger number of growing companies buying this backlink can be your tough competitors in the future.
  • The more the backlinks cost increases the more companies are ready to buy it. and this makes it important to buy it.
  • Blogger outreach and guest posting types of Whitehat link-building strategies have been used by all types of companies.

When it comes to buying backlinks, it has changed a lot. Especially with google algorithms as it became smart to figure out relevant and irrelevant backlinks. Therefore, while thinking to buy backlinks online you need to be careful as can not buy them from any link.

There are some cons also available here. In case, if you will search wrong SEO agency. Then there will be a high risk of engaging in black hat link building. And this mistake will lead your site to low-quality links. This is highly risky as if google catches you then you might be penalized. According to Google guidelines it could be considered violence.

Though it might be scary and stressful. But still, you have to think about it wisely. No matter how you get backlinks for your websites. It should be one way or another way. So, while buying the backlinks in the right way you have to follow the guidelines.

Why do People Buy Backlinks?

Most companies invest to build up backlinks and here are the reasons why:

Planning to Buy Backlinks in 2022? A Must-read Guide

  • It saves Time:  

White hat backlinks or black hat links are both link-building tactics that take lots of time that people don’t understand. Suppose you want to focus on white hat link building, you need to do the following things if you want to acquire backlinks through outreach.

  • First, you have to create high-quality SEO content assent that is worth encouragement.
  • Hope for the relevant link opportunities.
  • You can go through the process of hiring any writer if you don’t want to create it by yourself.
  • Build a good relationship with every opportunity
  • On qualified websites request for following links.
  • To improve your response rate can apply outreach strategies.
  • You need to create content if your request approved
  • Rinse and repeat.

Planning to Buy Backlinks in 2022? A Must-read Guide

  • Easier outrage:

The websites that you want to link might be costly and time-grabbing. But with agencies that became easy to build good relationships with the sites. It is recommended to outreach on your behalf.

  • Getting fast results:  

The link-buying method may lead your posts published on top-quality genuine sites. And that helps your links faster grow.

  • Competitive edge:

Do not forget you are not the one in the race. Many companies mean your competitors are also doing things. Passing the link to the agencies has become the common practice. The most important part of backlinks is the link’s relevance keep that in mind while buying it. First of all, you need to buy the links that should relevant to your website. 

Websites with irrelevant, spammy, and low-quality links are penalized by google. As Google only cares about high-quality links and relevant links at the end of the day. So, it is better to avoid above mentioned links to get fit on Google’s good site.

What is the cost of Backlinks?

From one site to another the cost may differ when buying backlinks. It is advisable to buy backlinks only from manual outreach. Many illegal agencies may sell you backlinks. These links might be bought from PBNs, brokers, webmasters, and forums. These kinds of links are going to create problems for your websites. So, you have to be very particular as to who is selling the links to you.

There is no specific conclusion about the cost of backlinks. The cost of backlinks varies differently and there are also many things that you keep in mind. Well, the good part is the pricing is transparent, and you will know the cost from the authorized links. However, you should learn about the concept of paid backlinks, while thinking to buy it.

Factors affecting the cost of Backlinks

When you are planning to buy backlinks for your websites you to be aware of the factors. Therefore, Multiple factors come down to the cost of links. Make sure you are on the right sight when it comes to buying backlinks. For smooth buying, you just need to follow these factors:

Types of Websites:

The price can increase and decrease depending on the types of website agencies. High organic traffic websites have been demanded by all website owners. Therefore, the price of the links can increase to outreaching such websites and also it takes a lot of effort. But with these links, you can build a good connection with the owner of the website. If you are looking for links based on SEO metrics then the price may vary.

Quality Content:

High-quality contents are very demanding among website owners.  Content quality drives high traffic to websites. So, website owners look for expert content writers to write for their websites. However, some content may be expensive. For example, if you hire a native English writer then the cost may increase.

Strength of Brand:

Through the link-building and link-buying process, you can easily save lots of money if you have a strong brand. Therefore, with a strong online presence, you will get responses easily from other brands. In this process, you will also, get quick responses to your emails. 

Creative control:

The level of creative control can affect your link-buying process. You just make sure that the honesty of the brand should be protected. And your brand’s honesty must be on the desirable level.

Quality BackLinks:

Quality links are very important when thinking about buying links. These quality links are other factors that differ in cost. The expensive sites are old websites with amazing link metrics that are sometimes difficult to pitch to these companies. Most of the old websites maximize the limits of outbound links so that they can build every month. 

The Platform:

This is one of the factors that affect backlinks buying. Most websites want trafficking in their sites so they look for backlinks. And these brands are very expensive and difficult as they have already dealt with many offers. In the finance industry, top-rated finance bloggers are a prime example.

In-house cost and agency:

 You may have to pay an amount for the links for link building services. Only if the SEO campaign runs by an SEO agency that provides link-building services. In general, when you hire an in-house resource to buy backlinks and create links yourself, it is less than costly. So, always keep in mind those above mention guidelines before paid backlinks.

Here are some important factors that you should know before buying links

  1. Your links can be created using various sources and partners spread across the globe.
  2. Many people are involved in this method – a few publishers, outreach experts, and writers.
  3. The agencies are working with third-party website owners they cannot guarantee you a specific TAT.  Depending, on the number of links that you want to build most of the agencies, have typical three weeks TAT.
  4. It is advisable to follow the links because many sites are going for outbound links only for the No Follow option.

Checklists before You Buy Backlinks

Planning to Buy Backlinks in 2022? A Must-read Guide

Are backlinks legal?

This is the first question that occurs in your mind while buying backlinks. Well, although there are no laws against it. Google is free to do whatever it wants to violate its guidelines. But if you will get caught then google can penalize you. They may also remove your website if they want and this causes zero traffic.

Link quality should be checked

It is advisable to choose links from high authority sites for quick results. You can also determine the quality of links from different packages. However, good SEO agencies offer you multiple options to choose from.

Quantitative and qualitative criteria:

It is recommended to avoid the following websites. Such as free stock photographs, write for us, cheap or poor-quality content, unnatural links, and sketchy details for the authors.

The right questions should ask:

It is better to ask questions before buying backlinks. In addition, 

  • ask what is their TAT.  
  • Will they share a recently published share?
  • Can they share references?
  • What’s your relationship with the brand?
  • Will you see the links first?
  • Do they have a refund policy?
  • Is there any link guarantee?

How many backlinks are needed to rank?


As we know how much is a backlink worth for building a website? To rank at the top of google we must need this backlink. And they create traffic on your websites.

But the question is how many backlinks are needed to rank on google?

Well, there is no specific answer to conclude this question. It is not answerable to how many backlinks are needed to run a business. Though, there are some things that can help you to decide how many backlinks you need for your website results and high rankings.

Difficulties in keywords:

As the name implies, the keyword difficulties refer to how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword in this industry. To find out the keyword difficulty of a particular search term then you can use the keyword research tool. 

 The keywords have been ranked by these tools on a scale of 1 to 100. And this will help you to find how much effort you have to put intoa rank.

Analysis of the competitor:

Before building your backlink strategy. You should research your competitors to find out how powerful their backlink profiles are. All you need to do is build more backlinks to excel over the other players in your industry. In case they generate fewer backlinks and have a weaker online presence. However, make sure you should provide high-quality content.


To conclude, it is clear that backlinks can pull you up or down.  There are types of backlinks that may penalize you. So, it is better to Avoid low-quality links and don’t break the rules. you need to make sure to follow the rules. And also avoid irrelevant links and spammy outbound links. So, if you are planning to buy backlinks in 2022, please read the above-mentioned guidelines.

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