SEO in 2022: Is Link Exchange a Legitimate Strategy?

In a link exchange, two or more websites make a pact to swap links with one another. For example, if Website A links to another website, then Website B links to Website A in exchange. Reciprocal links, link exchanges, and link swaps are used to describe this type of link exchange relationship. These link exchanges are used by brands to swiftly build links and increase their authority and improve their ranks on search engines. 


SEO in 2022: Is Link Exchange a Legitimate Strategy?

The vast majority of the time, link exchanges are neutral. Because we work in the link-building sector, we’ve seen major companies engage in link exchanges and other forms of link-building. Keep in mind that if you handle things correctly, you may quickly increase your site’s authority and traffic. 

This is a grey-hat SEO approach that we use as an agency. Some agencies employ this strategy, and search engines have shown no signs of penalizing them. As someone who has worked with these companies, I can attest to this. 

The fact that Google isn’t thrilled with link exchanges is why we don’t promote them. Google appreciates a link that has been built organically and earned. We’ve never seen a single site penalized, but there is always the possibility that your site may be next. To take advantage of this, you may perform exchanges till you aren’t doing it openly, and reciprocal links are highly prevalent, as Google is an automated system. 

Is Link Exchange a Legitimate Strategy in 2022? 

A link swap is something that most conventional SEOs (particularly those who aren’t heavily involved in link development) strongly advise against. 

According to SEO and link building specialists, exchanging and exchanging links is an incredibly polarizing subject in the SEO and link-building industry. In reality, as I’ve experienced first-hand, the field is shifting, and even the most seasoned SEO professionals are looking for new ways to get an advantage over the competition. The reality is that this method can assist you in obtaining some backlinks with really high authority. 

3 Ways to Get Backlinks through Link Exchange 

  • Gather data on the industry 

Building high-quality backlinks are made much easier by compiling a database of essential facts about your sector. 

All the time, content providers are looking for analytics. Creating data-driven content appeals to them, but they want data to back it up. Content providers can save time by compiling statistics on a single page. 

In order to use data, you do not need to own it. Even if you’re quoting secondary sources, having a concise and well-organized collection of industry data is helpful. Visitors and authors of the original material can both use these postings as launching pads for new ideas. 

  1. Personalize the message 

SEO in 2022: Is Link Exchange a Legitimate Strategy?

For both the sender and the recipient, spam emails are a pain in the ass. 

Each encounter must include a human aspect if it is to provide high-quality results. 

A little humor may go a long way, so don’t be afraid to chuckle at yourself from time to time. As soon as they see your name in their mailbox, they will remember you positively and form a link with you.” 

  1. Hands-on contact with potential customers 

Trying to achieve something that isn’t scalable is the worst thing you can do. 

When it’s the only option, this is the way to go. The tone of voice may change depending on what we discover throughout the research period. You should remember that no matter who you’re emailing, they are just human beings on the other side of the computer, so you should always be kind, concise, and thankful for their time and attention.” 

Things to think about before participating in a link exchange 

  • Connect with websites that are somehow associated with yours 
  • Avoid connections to low-quality websites, which might harm your search engine rankings. 
  • Check out the company’s social media accounts to learn more about them. 
  • Check to see if the website’s content is beneficial to your readers. 
  • Websites having an excessive number of outbound connections should be avoided at all costs. 
  • Don’t connect to low-ranking websites. 
  • Find out how many organic visits a website has (Approx. 5000 per month) 

When Is a Link Exchange a Good Idea? 

SEO in 2022: Is Link Exchange a Legitimate Strategy?

When deciding on link exchange, it’s critical to use common sense. You don’t need to obsess over any supposed SEO advantages or link juice. Instead, the emphasis should be on the importance of the topic at hand. 

It is important to ask yourself the following questions: “Is there anything here that my visitors would truly find useful?” To answer the question, “Will this person’s page be useful to my own users?” 

And don’t forget to take into account the website’s actual usefulness. Is the quality of the content high and relevant to your website? 

A healthy link profile consists of a variety of characteristics. 

It wasn’t long before people started making use of the capabilities of linkages. In order to boost their search engine ranks, they’d come up with creative strategies to get bogus links. Google’s terms of service prohibit the use of these dubious strategies, which might result in a website’s removal from search results altogether (removal of web pages or entire domains from search results). Maintaining a strong link profile is essential. 

Search engines look for a link profile that shows that the links and authority you’ve received are earned properly. If you don’t want your link profile to be tainted by dishonesty, you should work hard to build an honest one. 


Exchanging backlinks makes sense to me if you think about it rationally. Unless you’re a well-known expert in a certain field, it’s best not to rely on it as your primary link-building approach. Eventually, circumstances will occur in which tying things together will be both enticing and rational. We will not accept excessive link exchanges, according to Google’s published standards. So don’t overindulge in a nice whiskey. Recommending link building agency is OK, but don’t go blackout drunk while doing it.


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