Resource Page Link Building: Everything to Know

Building links to a website’s resources is nothing new. Even so, it’s one of the most often-used strategies for creating links. What percentage of the population thinks so? Moz polled 435 SEO experts in 2016. The second most common link-building strategy was resource page link building, with 56% of respondents reporting using it.

What is Resource Page Link Building?

Webmasters employ resource page link building as one of the top two methods for acquiring backlinks to their websites.

Resource Page Link Building: Everything to Know

These are pages that provide links to other resources (i.e., articles, videos, audio/podcasts, and even comics) that enhance visitors’ user experience. Resources may be provided in various ways, from simple links to more detailed descriptions.

In the end, resource sites will connect to you if you are the finest source in your field. Therefore, you want to be the chosen resource material for authoritative resource sites that go to great lengths to find the greatest materials.

It’s simple to get backlinks from resource pages since they’re there to connect to other websites! So please feel free to submit an idea for a story. In addition, you may look at existing resources and create one that is ten times better.

Compared to other link-building strategies, resource page link building provides you with a great deal of flexibility and predictability.

Reasons to use Resource Pages Link Building

The following are some of the benefits of link development through resource pages:

  • The links are normally at the top of the site’s structure

These are some effective links that are sure to keep their shine. As a result, they’ll have a better chance of making it to the top of search engine results pages.

  • These sites may gain links over time, boosting your site’s strength

Resource Page Link Building: Everything to Know

It’s fairly uncommon for resource pages to be classified as evergreen content, which means their value and usefulness will last indefinitely. Content useful to readers is also a link magnet, amassing links over time.

  • It’s a fantastic method to get into the industry

These webmasters are always looking for high-quality resources to link to on their sites. This is a great link-building opportunity if you can assist them in enhancing their visitor’s experience.

Compared to other link building tactics such as blogger outreach that entails begging, you may significantly enhance your productivity by contacting these sites with outstanding content.

  • It’s a great way to build links from high-authority sites

The resource page link building development strategy might also assist you in getting access to high-domain-authority sites and earning links from them. You may use resource page link building to capture the attention of edu backlinks domains and earn a link back to your site.

How to Choose Your Resource Page Link Building Strategy?

To get the maximum out of your link-building efforts, you must have a clear objective and a plan in place. The following three alternatives will guide you and make it easier to achieve your link-building objectives.

Resource Page Link Building: Everything to Know

Route 1: Choose the greatest piece of content 

Assume that you’re sharing a piece of material that’s previously been shared more than 100 times on social media sites with someone else. What makes you certain that it won’t go down well with people?

Most likely, you’ll be certain. If you’re evaluating the quality of your material, you already know that your audience’s response is the greatest indicator.

For webmasters who manage resource sites, here are a few clues that a piece of material has previously performed well and is likely to do so again in the future

  • High social sharing rate
  • High quantity of links pointing to that webpage.
  • A lot of positive feedback.
  • More than two minutes is the average time spent on a page (Measured in Google Analytics)

Metrics like the amount of time spent on-site cannot be ignored. Your content has two outcomes: either they love it and stay on the page, or they don’t like it and leave. To reap the benefits of your resource page outreach, it’s important to put out your best effort.

Route 2: Create content that is commonly linked out to resource pages

Find out what type of material other websites in your field are linking to by visiting their resource pages.

It’s tempting to use this advice as an excuse to go out and search for a resource website and then develop content based on that page, but avoid it! Instead, locating many resource sites that all connect to the same material is the best way to go.

A more effective strategy is to train your brain to look for these patterns while you’re working. Then, when you observe that all of them link to a certain material, please note it during your documentation process. Even though this is an excellent tactic to use, the benefits won’t surpass your efforts unless you’re careful about your approach.

Route 3: Combine the 2 strategies as you go

Choosing one of your most popular pieces of content as a starting point for your study is the ideal course of action. Route 1 gives you a clear direction to strive toward your final objective.

Make a note of any recurring themes you come across when browsing over your resource page link-building chances. It’s important to keep track of resource sites that connect out to home pages so that when you return this for outreach, you’ll know what to pitch.

Don’t be afraid to write about what other webmasters discuss in their resources. If there is enough demand for a certain sort of material in the outreach phase, go ahead and generate it! For content generation, you’ll never run out of things to write about.


Almost all search engine optimization experts use resource page link building/link posting as a marketing method. It is one of the most effective ways to boost traffic and conversions. However, it’s all about finding the correct online resources to become successful.

Starting your marketing strategy with resource page link development is a fantastic place to begin. It may be a lifesaver if you become trapped in any manner.

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